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CoRiTeL (Telecommunications Research Consortium) is seeking graduates in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) who are ambitious and eager to pursue a research path in 5G and 6G networks, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, and eHealth by adopting cutting-edge technologies.

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Machine Leagning algorithm applied to the Intent-Based Networks

July - October 2023

The internship proposed at the CoRiTeL consortium offered an opportunity to develop skills in the field of intent-based networks and the application of Machine Learning.

The main objective has been the analysis of network administrators' and users' intents to create cutting-edge human-machine interfaces, simplifying and optimizing network management. Through a thorough study of scientific literature and the analysis of existing solutions, the intern gave the opportunity to apply libraries such as Spacy and NLTK to translate written sentences into human-readable network policies.

The ultimate goal of the internship was to contribute to innovation in the field of computer networks by developing advanced solutions for network management through the application of Machine Learning.

Deep Learning algorithm to diagnose cardiac pathologies

April - July 2023

According to statistics reported by the World Health Organization, in 2019 cardiovascular diseases caused approximately 31% of global deaths.

The application of new Artificial Intelligence technologies to common tools for diagnosing heart diseases, such as electrocardiograms and other patient-related data, can help in diagnosing and preventing this type of illness.

The internship involved collaborating with our research team for the development and evaluation of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for diagnosing cardiac pathologies.